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What You Need To Know To Select A Wedding Catering Company

There are some couples who are lucky to get venues that offer onsite catering. However, majority are those with caterers on their vendor list. Food and drinks take a huge portion of your wedding budget. It can be overwhelming to pick a company that offers catering services. There are plenty of companies that offer catering services. Below are guideline to help you pick the right wedding catering company.

It is essential to come up with a budget before you start looking for a catering company. You need to know the amount to spend before emailing caterers. Creating a budget of food and drinks will help you identify which companies you can afford. Also, the catering company you choose will use your budget to create a proposal that can meet your needs. They can choose to set the sitting style either as a buffer, seated or family style.

Talk to the venue providers to know about their requirements and suggestions. Most venues usually have a list of most preferred vendors. That will be a good starting point for your search. It is comforting to work with caterers who have been to the venue before and met high standards. However, you should explore other options and not just look at preferred vendors. Most venues require approval of the caterer such as licenses or certificates. You should know the requirements set by the venue before you go ahead to interview catering companies.

It is vital you ask for multiple proposals from different wedding catering companies. Compare the costs, menu options and services. Discuss with the caterer how many people will attend and the style of your wedding. The caterer will use the provider information to propose the appetizers, waiter and courses.

Also, consider dinnerware and linen. If the venue doesn’t have such provisions, identify a caterer who offers the items. Most catering companies work together rental companies. The services are available at an extra fee. It is a lot easier to coordinate rental essentials through one company.

Consider their style of communication. Good tasty food is a major component when choosing any catering company. However, you can tell a lot from the way they treat their clients. A company that takes a long time to get back to you needs to be crossed off your list. Avoid companies that takes long to respond to you. You want a company that will cater well to your needs on your wedding day.

Read online reviews. Talk to your close friends and get recommendations. When you create a final proposal, you can sign on the dotted line. The contract needs to outline the menu, party rentals, cost of food and drinks and any additional fees. In case you change your mind about a specific item in the menu, you need to replace it before you schedule the actual tasting.

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