A Garden Party Has Many Themes

Oh, we’ve got omnivores. Sort of. I’m part of that group, though even among omnivores there’s still the organic-only bunch, the no-GMO, no-HFC, no-sugar/white flour bunch; and the no-beef-or-pork-or-lamb-but-chicken-and-fish-are-consumable bunch. Hmmm.

And finally, research has shown that when people say “No,” 50 percent of them do not understand what you are offering, and the other half are having trouble making a decision.

Oh well, one day late isn’t egregious. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Mr. King filled with delicious cake and ice cream and all that awesome stuff. Hopefully your family didn’t use trick candles, that bit’s gotten a tad old by this point.

Where I live, the first thing you MUST ask a new guest to your dinner table is, “Do you have any particular diet you follow?” Anywhere else in the world, a guest would be polite enough (and usually hungry enough) to eat whatever is set in front of him or her. Yes, I do want to know if you’re diabetic or allergic. I am happy to accommodate actual, physical problems. But anymore I could give a DAMN about being dictated to about your FREE Choice.

The rule of 3-33. For every three people willing to tell a positive story about an experience with your company, there are 33 others who will tell a horror story.

Once the redesign is done, many small businesses launch it silently. They change their logos, business cards, and websites one day–sometimes without so much as an announcement or a “By the way. ” to their customers. Not only are they potentially confusing and alienating them, but they’re also missing out on a great excuse to party!

If you keep this up over a period of months, you’ll greatly increase the quality of your diet. All other things being equal, this should result in increased health and energy, along with significant fat loss. It won’t get you the abs you want, but it will definitely help you on the quest.

Write a press release–and send it to your trade journals and local newspapers. Your small business may not get rebranding coverage in the Wall Street Journal, but your local newspaper will be likely to run at least a blurb about the change. You may even catch a journalist’s eye and get a longer write-up.